Thursday, February 9, 2017

An Open Letter to Pastors

This is one of the saddest posts I have ever had to make. However, I know I do it in obedience to Jesus. For the past 5 years, I have been part of a pastors' prayer meeting that comes together twice a month for prayer for our city. What has baffled me is why so few show up? The Holy Spirit revealed to me this morning the reason for so few and why revival has not happened because of our prayers.

Simply put it is pride.

Jesus is looking for leaders with child-like faith. When we think of child-like faith, we may just look at one facet which is asking and believing. However, without trust, faith of this kind is impossible. I see a lack of transparency and trust amongst pastors and leaders that totally inhibits God moving. Revival will still come, I have no doubt of that. However, it will bypass our efforts as pastors unless we begin to start trusting one another. How can we say we are leaders if we are not transparent enough to trust one another with our hidden sins? In the 5 years I have been coming to these meetings, I have never once heard a leader bear his or her heart and say I need prayer because I am struggling in this area. That would be nearly impossible in our current state as pastors. Action of this sort would make us entirely too vulnerable. However, the Lord God is saying that is what I expect of My leaders. Until we come to the point of not fearing man but fearing God Almighty, our ministries will continue to disgrace the gospel of Jesus Christ with powerlessness.

When we as pastors and leaders begin to confess our sins and shortcomings to one another, God will honor our humility and pour out His Spirit. Many pastors are waiting for this. They want reality and that is why many stay away. They can get the superficial relationships that we offer from many of their parishoners. However, once we truly expose ourselves to one another and not fear what the other will say, then others will join this fellowship grounded in reality. Others may still stay away, choosing to fear man and not trusting others and thereby sacrifice the sweet presence of Jesus as a result.

Revival is coming. However, it may very well pass up those who have supposedly been seeking it diligently through the years. God is seeking groups of men and women whose hearts would be completely His. Pastors and leaders are held by a higher standard which means greater humility than those not in leadership. God will seek out the meek and the lowly. God forgive us as pastors for not leading in this way.

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