Thursday, February 9, 2017

Go Deep!

God showed me this morning a picture of children playing on a beach in the surf. Some enjoyed frolicking in the surf, only going in ankle deep. Others ventured in a bit further. Occasionally, one would wander out into the deep and be swept out to sea leaving no trace.

This is the church today in America. We are all individuals enjoying our limited lives with God but then withdrawing when the surf or the requirements of the gospel become too much. Individually, we are scattered with no collective wisdom to understand that God wants to draw us into the great unknown of His deep things. We must humble ourselves and seek Him for wisdom to go waist deep then over our heads in the great beyond, together. Otherwise, we will be as those whom the church deems "fanatics" and will never be heard from again. God first wants trust of Him. Then, He wants trust of each other admitting we don't know anything about the ocean before us but will trust Him to take us to new shores of freedom in Him.

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